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Monday, May 16, 2016
Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center is proud to announce the opening of the Outpatient Infusion Center to our facility.
By EOMC Staff

Outpatient IV therapy is now the standard of care for a wide range of infections and disease processes. An outpatient approach to therapy allows patients to returnhome more quickly while providing substantial cost savings. Despite its widespread use, Outpatient IV Therapy is a frequent source of curbside questions and formal infectious diseases consultations. Common concerns are those pertaining to patient selection, antibiotic selection, intravenous access, and insurance coverage.

Outpatient IV therapy is now accepted as standard care in our community. IV therapy may be given through the EOMC hospital-based infusion program.

Outpatient Infusion Services offers several advantages to patients, health care providers,and insurers. First, the length of hospital stays can be markedly reduced. Some patients may return home and resume their daily routine days or weeks before finishing therapy. In other cases, therapy can be started as soon as the diagnosis is made, and hospitalization can be completely avoided. Second, outpatient therapy is almost always less expensive than inpatient therapy.Substantial savings have been found when compared with in-hospital stays.Finally, patients outcomes appear to be very good.

Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center's Infusion Center is conveniently located within thehospital at 105 South Wall St., Poteau, OK 74953. Our Outpatient Infusion Center services will primarily be provided by Tonya Wann, RN. Tonya is agraduate of Carl Albert State College Nursing Program and is experienced in IV therapy; including accessing and maintaining peripheral IV's, ports, and PICC lines.  For any questions regarding services or receiving treatment please contact the EOMC Infusion Center at 918-635-3472.

 Disease Processes to Receive Treatment:

-Multiple Sclerosis

-Rheumatoid Arthritis



-Crohn's Disease

-Ulcerative Colitis

-Immune Deficiency


-Ask your doctor if your disease process qualifies for IV therapy treatment.

Therapies Provided:





-Simponi/Simponi Aria






-IV Antibiotics/ Antifungals /Antivirals

-Blood Products

-Specialty Injections: Procrit, Allergy Injections

-List not inclusive to therapies offered.

Insurances Accepted:

-Medicare +HMO





Call 918-721-0430 to speak with case management today!!

Referrals from outside physicians accepted.


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TeleStroke Certified

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TeleMedicine is one of the fastest-growing technologies of the new millennium. EOMC is proud to provide TeleStroke services, changing patients’ lives for the better. 
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EOMC encourages appropriate participation of the patient’s designated family inaccordance with the patient or guardian’s wishes, patient safety considerationsand the medical condition of the patient.

Visitors will be educated regarding any special guidelines associated with visiting individual patients.

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