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    At EOMC we are honored to be sharing in one of the most exciting times in your life. Our labor and delivery, nursery and post partum staff are dedicated to providing a family centered birthing atmosphere where you and your family will feel as “at home” as possible during your stay with us. Our modern, newly designed rooms create the perfect, home-like atmosphere for your birthing experience.

    We know there are several things you expect when you have your baby. You want the people involved in your care to be well-trained, well educated and concerned about you and your baby. EOMC gives new moms and their family peace of mind with experienced physicians and staff. From the moment you arrive, you will experience a special kind of care that will continue until you leave with your newborn. The staff of labor and delivery, postpartum and nursery work together as a team to give you and your family the experience of a lifetime.

What to expect when you arrive:

    Once you are settled in your labor room, your nurse will ask you for a brief history about your health and pregnancy. Monitors will be put on your stomach to monitor contractions and your baby’s heart beat. An IV will be put in your arm to provide you with fluids and medications for pain or nausea as needed or as ordered by your physician throughout the labor process. After these necessary things are completed you may be encouraged to sit, walk, use a birthing ball or lay on your side, which increases blood flow to your baby, throughout labor. Your physician and labor and delivery nurse can advise you on acceptable activities during labor. 

“Dear support person”

    As the labor coach or support person, you provide an invaluable source of emotional and physical support for the expectant mother. Offer your partner lots of encouragement. Feel free to rub her back, adjust her pillows or coach her through difficult contractions. EOMC also offers childbirth classes. For more information please call 918-635-3147.

What you should bring to the hospital:

    You should make preparations for coming to the hospital at least 4-6 weeks before you are due to deliver. Babies sometimes come earlier than planned. Here are some suggestions on what you should pack in your suitcase:

v  Robe and slippers;

v  Nightgown/pajamas;

v  Good support bra;

v  Personal care items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and any other make-up essentials you normally use. You will be provided with
     a complimentary gift set that includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion; and 

v  Photo equipment

What you should bring for your baby:

v  Receiving blankets;

v  Car seat;

v  Extra blanket depending on the weather;

v  Vaseline (if planning on having a boy and having him circumcised); and

Wipes (we supply washcloths)

We supply infants with T-shirts, knit hat, blankets, diapers and formula while in the hospital. 

     At EOMC we have 6 private post partum rooms and 1 semi private room, all with private bathroom and shower, where you will be staying once your labor and delivery are behind you. This is a time for you and your support person to relax and get acquainted with your baby. Your baby can stay with you in your room at all times, but the nursery is always available. The immediate recovery period usually last about 2 hours. During this time, your nurse will be checking your blood pressure, pulse and firmness of your uterus frequently. She will also be available to assist you in newborn care and feeding your infant. Our postpartum and nursery nurses are here to help you and your family welcome your new arrival and help with every aspect of becoming a new parent. We start our teaching as soon as you step through our doors and continue until you go home. We strive to make your experience as a new parent a happy and exciting time that you and your family will cherish forever.

Your baby’s first car ride:

    Oklahoma law requires that all persons in car wear a seatbelt. Infants are required to ride in an approved infant car seat. Prior to the birth of your baby, install the car seat in the car and learn how to use it. Check your car owner manual for specific information about installing the car seat correctly in your vehicle. On the day you take your baby home, bring your car seat to your hospital room. You will secure your baby in the car seat just before leaving the hospital.

For more information regarding the OB department at EOMC please call 918-635-3150.

TeleStroke Certified

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TeleMedicine is one of the fastest-growing technologies of the new millennium. EOMC is proud to provide TeleStroke services, changing patients’ lives for the better. 
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Visitor Information

Visitor Policy

EOMC encourages appropriate participation of the patient’s designated family inaccordance with the patient or guardian’s wishes, patient safety considerationsand the medical condition of the patient.

Visitors will be educated regarding any special guidelines associated with visiting individual patients.

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